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Wholesale Services & Infrastructure Vendor Sourcing

Wholesale Services

Improve Supplier Relationships & Reduce Costs

Looking to develop your supplier options and improve gross margin? Let us guide you through our infrastructure and vendor sourcing services. Ask us how we can help source providers for your Voice, Data, Billing, Rating & Routing, Workflow Systems, and other wholesale telecommunications products and services.

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Wholesale Voice Services

  • Domestic Termination

  • International Termination

  • Toll-Free Origination

  • DID Origination

  • Toll-Free termination (Outbound Toll-Free)

  • Disconnected Call Monetization 

  • Tandem Services

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Wholesale Data Services

  • Private Line

  • Last Mile

  • Internet Access

  • Wide Area Networking

  • Ethernet

  • DSL

  • T1 / DS3 (TDM)


  • SD WAN

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Infrastructure Services 

  • Billing

  • Rating & Routing

  • Data Center

  • Colocation 

  • NOC

  • Provisioning

  • Workflow Systems

  • Toll-Free & DID Number Management

  • RESPORG and Toll-Free SOMOS template management

  • Hosted PBX / Cloud-Based Platform Services

  • Switch Services

  • Equipment Repair

  • Logistics - Centralized storage and fulfillment of standby-ready spares

Mergers & Acquisitions


Work With Experts

Business Development Group is your go-to for business development through Mergers & Acquisitions and other Corporate Development initiatives. In addition to our own extensive M&A and Corporate Development experience, we are able to round out the team with a variety of M&A, finance, due-diligence, deal negotiation and post-merger integration specialists on a when needed basis.


Business Development Group's founder has been involved in the telecommunications industry since 1989 and has been involved in telecommunications  M&A and Corporate Development since 1999.


Our expertise and the expertise of our partners include:



  • Acquisition Sourcing

  • Funding 

  • Operational & Financial Due Diligence

  • Deal Negotiation

  • Synergy Modeling

  • Integration Planning & Implementation 


  • Buyer Sourcing

  • Market Research

  • Teaser and Offering Documents - "Deal Book" Creation

  • Deal Negotiation

Sales, Operational, Corporate Development, and Strategic Consulting


Grow Your Business

The best golfers in the world all use a swing coach.  In most cases, the successful golfer can score a much lower round than their coach.  So why do they use them?  THEY CAN’T WATCH THEIR OWN SWING! High performing people continually strive for higher performance.  Even though they may score better than their coaches, their coaches possess three things of extreme value to anyone who wants to improve; they can see the swing, they know what to look for in the swing, and they know how to constructively communicate what needs to be done to improve. 

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While there is no doubt that from an organization’s structural sense, management is about the supervision and support of the workforce. However, how management actually translates into greater profit is by systematically putting into place best practices that replicate successful behaviors across the workforce. When you observe a trait or behavior that creates better productivity, profit is made or improved be creating policies, platforms and systems that replicate those behaviors across the workforce. BDG can help in a few ways. We can help you institutionalize what you have seen work. But that’s not all. Because we can provide an outside view and offer proven strategies, we often find traits and behaviors you may not have been able to see from your vantage point.   

We don’t claim to know the uniquenesses and intricacies of your business better than you. We would not run your business better than you. But like the swing coach, Business Development Group possesses those three high-value capabilities to help guide you to higher performance. With decades of trusted experience in countless projects, we’re ready to help you take your business to the next level. At Business Development Group, we combine our insights to help you transform your projects, processes, strategies, and in turn, your company. Our staff and outsourced specialists have the capabilities and experience to actually do it. 

We offer a wide array of consulting services. Think of us for a range of options. If your business was a construction project, we could be analogous to the designer/architect. You could hire us just for that. However, you could also utilize the other areas of our expertise to build what's designed. Each segment of our service offerings can be utilized on a stand-alone basis. Together, they are extremely synergistic, affordable and powerful. 


Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Outsourced Project Management and Staffing

Project management

Fill The Voids

Growth can mean pockets and periods of time when you need some help until you get to that next level and can afford to invest in additional permanent resources. That's where we come in; affordably complementing your existing resources to get you what you need when you need it.  


We are able to bring forth a wide array of as-needed subject matter expertise to temporarily fill voids.

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Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats

Bring Out The Best

One of the most effective ways to develop your company is to build a solid team and aim the efforts of that team toward very specific and attainable outcomes. Corporate retreats yield powerful results when they bring the right people together, in the right setting, with the right goals and the right processes for achieving them. Corporate retreats allow you and your team to step away from the day-to-day and see yourself, your team, your strengths, your challenges and your opportunities from a different perspective. 


Strategy development, budgeting and forecasting, team building, SWAT analysis, sales training, incentives or rewards, and many other business-building initiatives are all excellent opportunities for corporate retreats. When you make a commitment for you and your team to spend time together, it can improve the way you all relate to each other and enhance how you work together. A corporate retreat shows your team that they and the work they produce through their collaboration is important enough for your investment of the time and energy in them.

Corporate retreats are not boondoggles. They are not something separate from your work and need to be completely aligned to your company’s specific goals, objectives, and work-products. They are not an end, rather, another in a long list of valuable means. With clear objectives, a retreat can be an opportunity to see new possibilities, set new goals, and reimagine your company’s approaches in refreshed ways. 

Business Development Group can provide you any or all of the following:


  • An out-of-the-ordinary and special venue

  • Pre-event planning and goal setting assistance 

  • Travel coordination assistance

  • Meeting and event content creation assistance

  • Team building events

  • Meeting and event facilitation

  • Post-event support and ideas implementation


Retreats recharge organizational batteries, which can sustain creative thinking and zeal toward getting things done long after the retreat has ended.  Contact us to learn more about how you can win greater results with corporate retreats.  

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